Where Jason


Fighting for Hardworking Taxpayers

Jason has already achieved real results for Arkansas taxpayers. He's worked with our governor to pass a $150 million income tax reduction, sponsored the bill that goes into effect on January 1, 2019 to cut the last 1.5% sales tax on our groceries, and co-sponsored the legislation to exempt military retirement benefits from state income taxes. If we send him back to Little Rock, he'll keep working so we can keep taking home more of our hard-earned money.

Working for Our Jobs and Economy

As a small business owner, Jason knows what it means to run a business, and he knows that the first step to growing Arkansas's economy is forging public-private partnerships. Jason is also working to cut regulations in order to make it easier to open a business.

Protecting Our Values

Jason is a Christian man, and he has faith in our values. As a monument to honor the historical and moral foundation of law, Jason sponsored the Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument. Jason believes that all life is sacred and is 100% pro-life. He sponsored the Heartbeat Protection Act, earning the endorsement of Arkansas Right to Life. Jason is also a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment, is a Lifetime Member of the NRA, and is endorsed by the NRA.

Improving Schools

Jason supports local control of schools by parents, teachers, and administrators. He will advocate for vocational and trade schools, giving our students another path to success. Jason supports school choice because families know what is best for their children.

Standing for Justice

Jason Rapert is proud to stand up for our families. Jason opposes the early release of violent offenders, rapists, and child molesters. He supports fully funding and equipping law enforcement to keep our communities safe and will continue to support efforts to enhance school safety to protect our children and teachers.